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Images, music, and the city.
Yokohama - Z will create a brand new experience.

2 creators based in Yokohama, Japan.
The images and music the duo create will fuse with 360 video technology and change its form depending on who sees it.
Even cities we know so well will change, depending on who sees it.
You will, too.

yokohama fall
yokohama city ship


We began in Yokohama, Japan.
We initially did collaborations and experimental projects.
What the two of us have in common is we love this city.
We shoot scenery and record sounds of this city.
We produce video and music.
We create worlds made of 360° panoramic videos and sounds that continue to change.
Using a contactless sensor and program we provide an experience that will surely surprise you.
Our creation can be published on the internet for promotion or displayed on big screens at events.

ferris wheel
find your yokohama Find your yokohama
fly shit Nick Thayer & Tommy Lee featuring Mikill Pane - Fly Shit
Find your yokohama
Exhibition / Singapore, Hong Kong
exhibition 2


We always start our creation process with understanding and getting a general feeling of the project.
What can you or the city you live in express to the world? What you are imagining right now may not look the same to others.
Why, you ask?
Because the world changes its appearance depending on who views it.

"Make your world turn."

映像 音楽 そして 街。